February 27, 2020 – January 24, 2021

The Trajectory Series is an exhibition and series of accompanying programs comprising a collection of experiences that examine how creative behaviors advance cultures and technologies. Through artworks, interactive media, storytelling, education, and an artist residency, The Trajectory Series seeks to anticipate the possible futures we are only now beginning to imagine. Guest curated by Christopher Willey.

The exhibition features artwork from Benjamin BardouSandra ByersBryan CeraAlex ChowaniecJess HolzEduardo KacQuinn MadsonA. Bill MillerAlex Myers, and Thomas Thwaites.

The Trajectory Series at the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum is an exhibit of innovative and provocative art inspired by and created with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, bioengineering, and virtual and augmented reality. Through the lens of art, the series traces the evolution and creative interplay of art and science and how this relationship continues to inspire creatives – artists, scientists, engineers, inventors, and craftspeople – to develop new artistic and technological applications that transform society, often in completely unexpected ways. The Trajectory Series invites us to not only celebrate the history and evolution of creativity, but also consider the impact of emerging art forms, scientific advances, and technological applications on our society in ways we are only now beginning to imagine.

Curator’s Statement:

The Trajectory Series seeks to redefine the overburdened word “technology” as a term that describes behaviors. The exhibition looks at the role creative behaviors play in the evolution of technology, and reframes systems like language, culture, and the scientific method. Each exhibition space will offer context as well as prepare the audience for where technological advancements may be taking us. Ultimately, we hope our audience leaves with a greater understanding of their own creative agency, and how their collective behaviors might influence the future. By bringing minds together to focus on creativity and technology, we can gain a larger perspective.